Sleep Pattern


Sleep patterns are a critical part of overall health, influencing everything from cognitive function to physical wellness.

Benefits of nutrition management

The balance between the sleep stages is influenced by several factors including age, lifestyle, and the environment we live in.

Understanding them and the factors that influence them is instrumental in achieving better health and an improved quality of life.

Our team of experts has devised a series of results-driven experiences to learn how the body and mind react to your sleep pattern and how to greatly improve your quality of sleep with optimal results.

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This unique experience includes a full medical assessment of the impact of sleep on your health and wellbeing.

The Tiara Health Sleep Pattern Management programme includes:


Genetic test:
Genetic Analysis.
Two x Medical Specialist and Doctor consultations:
Based on the results from our genetic testing and a full medical history briefing, you will receive a consultation with our specialists, uniquely personalised for you, offering an evaluation focused on the way you sleep (hygiene, hours, daytime hypersomnia etc), your sleep pattern and a detailed plan of how to improve it for good.
Premium blood test:
To provide complete information on kidney and liver function, hemogram, hormone profile, cortisol, thyroid, minerals, and other parameters to detect any health problems.
Age Reader:
A non-invasive diagnostic tool that uses light spectroscopy to measure the accumulation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in the skin. Data from the Age Reader is used effectively to provide concrete evidence of the effects of your lifestyle choices, including sleep habits, on your overall health.
CNS Vital Signs:
CNS offers a comprehensive understanding of your cognitive health and helps clinicians to make informed choices regarding diagnosis, treatment, and patient care.
Max Pulse:
MaxPulse helps clinicians in early detection of cardiovascular conditions and helps them to devise appropriate treatment or lifestyle recommendations.
A device that measures lung function. Conditions that affect respiratory function often disrupt sleep. If a respiratory condition is detected, treatment could lead to improvements in sleep quality.
Melatonin Test:
Melatonin is a hormone that causes imbalances in the body’s natural biological clock. An accurate identification of melatonin levels can be used to design and implement a therapeutic programme to correct melatonin production and to regulate your biological clock.
The EKG measures cardiovascular fitness, and the impact of sleep disorders on your cardiovascular system.
Holter BP (ABPM):
To record blood pressure over a 24hour period.
Inbody Body Composition Analyser:
A deep dive into intra/extra-cellular water, basal metabolic rate, and visceral fat, offering a comprehensive account of your body composition that goes beyond body fat and muscle mass.
AcuPebble SA100:
It works on the principle of acoustic sensing of physiological body sounds, such as respiratory and cardiac processes. Its algorithms process the recorded signals to extract information for a sleep apnoea diagnosis and other sleep disorders. There is medical evidence behind that allows to extrapolate the results of Acupebble to the clinical background of each patient.

Associated benefits to the programme:

GYM/SPA free to use 1 hour per session.
Upon prior reservation during the day of the checkup.
VIP room amenities:
Private room, fresh fruit, minibar, medical assistant. If available.