Precision Medicine


Where you come from

The importance of Genetic Analysis


Genetic analysis is the starting point on any Tiara Journey.

Our elite team of doctors and specialists uses an epigenetic test to determine valuable insights into your unique genetic make-up, to tailor a programme exclusively for you, and help you live a better life for longer.


Where you are now

Your health overhaul starts here


As well as robust genetic testing, we carry out a series of health and lifestyle questionnaires, a complete medical history, and a full private medical consultation.

We create a full profile all about you, so we can offer a personalised, multi-approach solution to age management and help you to achieve optimal health and an improved quality of life.


Where you want to go

Personalised programmes exclusively for you


We are living longer than ever before.

At Tiara Health, our aim is to help you live life better with tangible, lasting results. We take health management to the next level with a proactive approach to preventive and anti-ageing medicine.

Working in synergy with your own personal objectives and goals, we successfully incorporate techniques, treatments, and lifestyle changes, in a bespoke programme designed exclusively for you.


Ready to live live better

Associated benefits to the programme:

GYM/SPA free to use 1 hour per session.
Upon prior reservation during the day of the checkup.
VIP room amenities:
Private room, fresh fruit, minibar, medical assistant. If available.